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High Country Moto is one guy (and a little help from his better half) who loves to ride and maintain Idaho single track. It takes quite a bit of work to be able to trail ride motorcycles here. The National Forest themed designs that I drew up are in honor of the small army of volunteers that help keep our Public Lands multi-use trails maintained for all to enjoy. 


Trying to keep most of the products local to Idaho, shirts and hoodies are printed by small family owned shop in Emmett Idaho. They also stitch the patches to the hats. Stickers are made in Sweden, which has long history of enduro style motorcycles. Haven't been able to find shop local to us to print the stickers how I want them, most farm them out, if anyone knows of one in the Treasure Valley, drop us a line. 

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to do this little venture, it isn't much now, who knows where it will go.


As they say "Onwards and Upwards!"


Kermit and Alice

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